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Total Critical Cleaning Package

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Total Critical Cleaning Package

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Complete Critical Cleaning Package

Drug testing is a mysterious intrusion in the job market nowadays. You may be asked to have some drug screen or random drug test prior to getting a job. So that you will even not know what kind of test you will have. That means you need to get prepared for any contingency. The Complete Critical Cleaning Package is a kit of fast acting products helping in passing any test with small preparation time. It enables you to cleanse your saliva, hair and urine. Perma Clean also affects your blood. This 5-panel test kit enables to pass the urine test for any drugs of abuse. You will save great amount of money with Complete Critical Cleaning compared with buying the products individually at $167.00.

The kit includes:

Hair: Zydot Ultra Clean (2)
This shampoo cleans your hair from chemical residue. It may be used to decrease the appearance of drugs (prescribed or illicit). It is recommended to use 2 packs or more to get best results if you have a heavy usage history or long hair. You will have extra effectiveness with short hair as well if you use it twice. The effect of shampoo doesn?t wear off, still the results are temporary due to the hair growth. You should use it on the test day.

Urine: Super Quick Caps (1)
It is a quick-acting Urine Detox solution to improve your urinalysis results dramatically. Its action is temporary. The product is highly effective and has excellent feed back from customers. It should be used 1-2 hours prior to test.

Saliva: Ultra Wash (1)
It is a saliva mask, which is effective within 15-30 minutes after its use. If you use it properly it will hide any unwanted substances from your saliva.

Blood: Perma Clean (1)
It is a dietary supplement to improve liver function and eliminate drug metabolites from blood. Perma Clean is a 15-day program. You may have not enough time for completing the program, still we recommend you to start it. It will make your blood cleaner.

Self-Test: Five Panel Home Test Kit (1)
This test kit checks your urine levels for THC, methamphetamines, amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine according to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Every product has its own user friendly directions. You should drink enough water every day and avoid taking unwanted substances minimum for 2 days before taking your drug test.

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