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Quick Tabs - Emergency Flush Detox Tablets

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Quick Tabs - Emergency Flush Detox Tablets

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Quick Tabs - Flush Detox

Quick Tabs is a natural flush formula for emergency. It is intended for quick passing a clean urine drug screen.
You should take tablets with water. They are fast acting.
  • It starts working within an hour
  • Its effect lasts up to 5 hours
  • 99% of our customers give us positive feed backs!
  • The Manufacturer provides Money Back Guarantee
  • It contains a Free Unit Offer
Instructions: You should take 4 tablets with water (12 ounces) on an empty stomach.
You should take 3 more tabs with water (12 ounces) in 20 minutes. In another 20 minutes you should take the 3 more tabs with water (12 ounces). You need to urinate at least twice prior to submitting the sample.

To get best results: Avoid drinking additional water after you have completed the Quick Tabs Quick Tabs are intended to be used with an exact water amount. Excess water may cause a diluted sample. You may drink any amount of water before the Quick Tabs start, however, you should restrict water to one glass per hour from the product completion. Do not take unwanted toxins for 2 days prior to the Quick Tabs use.

Warning: The tea should be avoided if you are pregnant, breastfeed or have special health needs. It is not intended for prolonged use.

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