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Tips to get cocaine out of your system

Cocaine is a highly addictive narcotic drug, also called as snow, flake, candy or coke. The drug produces extreme sense of joy and excitement by causing the brain to release higher levels of biochemical. But, these euphoric effects of cocaine be very serious or deadly. Dosage of cocaine consumption, age, sex, metabolism, frequency of usage, all these factors enables to assess the time frame of the existence of the drug in the system. Large doses of cocaine can result in increased heart rate and blood pressure causing coma or even death. The combination of cocaine with other substances such as alcohol and anti-depressants, increase the risk health complications.

Many people fail a drug test because they would have underestimated the time period cocaine can reside in the system. Benzoylecgonine is the by-product that is generated by cocaine and stay in the body for longer time than the drug itself, up to 30 days. It takes 72 hours for the metabolite to release from the blood and 1-3 days in urine, and in frequent users it may stay in the urine for twelve weeks. Whereas, cocaine residue that is deposited in the hair follicle can be traced even after 90 days of drug intake.

A positive drug test result can cause the loss of people?s job or can strain relationships. However, detoxifying products come to the rescue of such individuals. They aid in cleansing the blood, hair, saliva and urine.

To ensure the reliability of the cocaine detox products, you need to buy a drug testing kit; this enables you to keep from testing positive for cocaine.

Before urine drug test people drink a lot water to eliminate the toxins through urination and sweat, which is a natural process of detoxification. Taking urine detox pills/drinks the previous day of the drug test expels the toxins from your system. Hair detox shampoo or hair detox spray can clean the hair completely erasing all the drug traces. And mouth washes or cleansers come in handy to clean the oral fluids, thus helping to pass a saliva drug test.

Home cocaine remedies and simple habits contribute to the removal of drug toxins from the body. Avoid foods rich in sugar, fat and caffeine. Intake of salads and fruits brings positive changes in the body.

Exfoliating dead skin by using a soft bristled brush from head to toe, removes dead cells and toxins gently that reside in skin surface.

Consumption of food rich in vitamin B and juice fasting or water fasting diet for 5-7 days continuously, is of great help in the cocaine cleansing process.

Impurities in the body are expelled via perspiration and steam bath is the best solution. The ideal way remove cocaine residue is to quit further intake of cocaine or crack, to lead a healthy and toxin-free life.

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