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Saliva testing for marijuana

Saliva or oral fluid ? based drug test can generally detect the use of Marijuana during the last few days. Saliva test for marijuana is becoming quite popular because of the convenience it offers and also of the fact that it cannot be tampered or adulterated. On-site oral fluid tests implement random testing for marijuana and indeed it is the most effective way for screening marijuana users. Noteworthy is that the saliva testing for marijuana is as accurate as the urine testing.

The saliva testing for marijuana is usually performed by the employer for pre-employment, at random, post-accident purposes, reasonable suspicion or return-to-work testing. Oral fluid testing for marijuana mimics results found with blood and is quite handy for detecting on-the-job marijuana abuse or post-accident applications, as the degree of marijuana intoxication could be determined based on the amount of marijuana.

In the recent times, a lot studies are done on saliva testing for marijuana. The test offers merits and demerits, related to urine in testing the traces of marijuana in the sample. The most attractive feature is that this method is very simple in terms of collecting sample which lessens chances of tampering with the test. Easy procedure of this test makes it less invasive as compared to other testing procedures.

The sample collection of an individual?s saliva is simple and safer in contrast to urine or blood samples. The only requirement for the collection of saliva is a swab, which is as good as a toothbrush, wherein there is a pad unlike bristles. This pad is placed between the lower cheek and gum for a couple minutes, after then once saturated it is then transferred to a vial and standard marijuana testing kits are used to detect the amount of drug and collaborate to the limits. The results come in very quick as the testing kits give almost instant results.

However, the shortcoming of the saliva testing for marijuana has time limitation. The detection of drug in the saliva cannot be concluded accurately because the drug residue does not remain in the saliva as marijuana subsides in the matter of few hours. This reason is being considered for drug detection in situations where recent marijuana use must be investigated, including vehicle and equipment drivers and individuals in workplace or accidents.

However, research studies prove that oral fluid test is the most reliable method of marijuana detection. The use of marijuana and the amount of marijuana intake could be processed by analyzing saliva. According to some studies, 30% of US companies test drug use through saliva.

Employers frequently check the behavior of their employees and also keep a track of the employees? who miss work, who show tardiness or leave from work earlier than scheduled or take extra leaves, and saliva testing assists them immensely. Usually employees who use marijuana exhibit these signs and behave indifferent than what a nonuser has. Its here that the oral fluid testing lends a helping hand to any employer to check if his people are marijuana avoiders or marijuana users.

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