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Marijuana Detox Time

The after effects of Marijuana are very disturbing and one may then conclude that those moments of high weren?t actually worth! Marijuana like many other drugs decays the metabolism of a body insidiously. It may not be banned in many of the countries and may be categorized as ?light drugs?, but that tag given to it doesn?t resist it from being harmful.

Some quick check on the facts about marijuana ? Marijuana (that can include weed, grass, pot, and herb) is one of the very commonly used and tested drugs in America, especially the U.S. The effects of marijuana on the consumer and its detection time have a direct relation with the potency of marijuana, which can be empirically measured by the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC it contains.

Being an addict of Marijuana isn?t surely a good thing to be and one of the ways to get rid of this addiction is to join a rehabilitation center and opt for marijuana detox. Marijuana detox is a controlled process that gradually de-attaches the addict from the use of marijuana in such a way that his or her temptation or craving for the drug will be optimized or regulated or just put to an end!

So, what is the marijuana detox time? How long does it take for marijuana detoxification? How long does it take for marijuana to leave a system? The answers to these questions aren?t formulaic or objective. Drug detoxification is a complex process and depends on certain other factors that may or may not vary the marijuana detox time. Thus, it is hard for someone to exact on the marijuana on the detox time (although he or she would wish to) and can only point out estimates based on previous cases.

The speed or the time that takes for marijuana to leave a body/system depends on two factors namely the half-life of THC and the speed of the metabolism of the body in concern. Many experts estimate, that the half life of THC can range somewhere between one to eight days. So to say, it isn?t possible to calculate the half life of THC to exactness and come out with a single number and thus, it is difficult for one to say how long will it take for the THC to be clinched away from a metabolism.

But, on the basis of previous cases one can assume that the common marijuana detox time is anywhere from say 3-30 days (again dependent on the speed of the metabolism and the THC, which again is dependent on the amount of marijuana smoked and the potency of it). If the intake of marijuana is occasional it may take around the ten days for it to leave the body. In case of marijuana being puffed in on a regular basis, then the marijuana detox time can increase to as long as 45 days and if heavy smoking of marijuana is the matter, then the marijuana detox time would be no less than 90 days.

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