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How to get marijuana out of your system

Marijuana (THC, weed, pot or hash) is the drug that accumulates and stays in the body for a days, weeks or even months, after the last time u smoke. And that is the reason marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs. And is a likely drug to cause you to fail a drug test. Compared to other substances THC tends to live in the body for along period of time because it is a fat-soluble substance, and thus releases slowly and thereafter metabolized. The metabolite is then excreted from the system.

The cannabis can be detected months after its consumption. Statistics show the fact that marijuana intake is the major reason for failure of any drug tests. Cleansing the body which is marijuana contaminated is a challenging task. In a natural process of detoxification it takes weeks or a month in some cases, posing a risk if you have to attend a drug test during this time. The important remedy to remove the marijuana residue out of the body is to use marijuana detox products that are available in the market and on the Internet too. They are available in varied combination of components for different individuals with different metabolism and physiological parameters. The detox kit is a complete solution for a marijuana user, be it a chronic user or an infrequent user.

These kits cleanse blood, hair, urine and saliva completely. They are designed with a mixture of herbal cleansers; vitamins and minerals and rich nutrients that help fight the toxins. They are effective in expelling the drug traces completely.

The detox kits mostly contain pills or detox drink, which have to be consumed at least before an hour before the drug test. It is very vital to drink a lot of water simultaneously with pill or the drink. Frequent urination occurs and helps eliminate the drug within an hour or so.

When an individual is sure of testing positive for marijuana drug test he/she she can also buy a drug test kit, which comes along the detox kit and consists a test equipment that helps in self-test, soon after you take a pill/detox drink. This is to be 100% sure that the cleansing action has functioned properly and the THC metabolites are entirely expelled.

An FDA approved and guaranteed detox kit is a must, otherwise products without this stamp are not safe and reliable and even after confirming a negative result at home, you may test positive in the actual drug test. To be on a safer side, the reliability and accuracy of the product must be verified.

If you attending a hair drug test then a hair detox shampoo is a good option. For a saliva drug test, mouth cleanser or mouthwashes come in handy. Apart from the detox kits, simple home solutions can followed to naturally remove the marijuana toxins from the system; drinking lots of fluids or water, cranberry juice is supposed to be diuretic, it makes a person urinate frequently and balances the PH levels of the urine. A regular strenuous exercise helps remove the THC through sweat. Food consumption that includes vitamin B in a reasonable amount also aids in detoxifying the marijuana.

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